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Protect your mobile and static data with ESET Endpoint Encryption – managed for you by TekNet.

Encryption of laptops, PCs, USB keys and other removable media is compatible with GDPR requirements in the event of a data breach.
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WordPress content management websites.

WooCommerce and OsCommerce ECommerce websites.

Training and support provided by TekNet.

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Secure Cloud Backup

Secure Cloud Backup on servers located in Ireland.

Scheduled encrypted backups managed for you by TekNet.

This is an acceptable data recovery option under the GDPR requirements.

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The world’s leading Antivirus and Internet Security software.

Non- Profit organisations

Special rates for:

  • NOD 32 antivirus
  • ESET  Endpoint Security
  • ESET Endpoint Encryption.
    (Charity Number Required).

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